Everything About Dull Skin

This is the cornerstone of Skin Concern : Dull Skin

What is Dull Skin?

“My Face looks dull and tired, do I have dull skin?”

Tend to say, YES! Dull skin is a condition where your skin is not healthy. It is not shining, dry, patchy and lack of radiance. Those are what dull skin looks like. What’s so bad with dull skin. Firstly, your skin is not glowing. It is like your face full of dust. Secondly, no matter how hard you try to use make up, it will always fail. Why? Because your skin is dry, not hydrated caused by its dull skin. Your make up wil cracky. Thirdly, your skincare will never work. It is because your skin is covered with dead cell skin. Sad, right? For that reason, dull skin must be erased!!

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Why Do We Have Dull Skin and How To Manage?

Lot of reason make your face becomes dull. The main reason is because the skin is ‘covered up’ with dead cell skin. However, we will tell you causes that will make your skin not healthy.

Lack Of Moisturizer

Your skin needs to be moisturized as it helps lock in hydration and promotes smooth. If you skip using moisturizer, you are in charge of having unhealthy skin.


Young people tend to have plumpy and firm skin. It is because of the natural proteins knowns as collagen and elastin. As the time goes by, the production of those protein will decrease. This condition will be worse with sun exposure.


dehydration : lack of water under your skin. It is differ from dry skin, eventhough those term can be interchangeably. However both of them shows dull, lackluster and not shine. Not only that, the dehydrated skin tend to show more wrinkles, fine lines and roughness.


You may think that sun exposure is the only external reason for having dull skin. No! Sun exposure is only one of main cause effecting your skin. Pollution, dust and hot weather is a complete way to have dull skin. Pollution and its friends will change your skin’s protein production like collagen and elastin which will speed up the aging.

How to Fix Dull Skin?

Having glowing and luminous skin isn’t always easy. It needs lot of work and concistensy, especially when you have dull skin. It really need lot of patience and time to erase them. However, those things are really worth when you have a luminous skin which show that your skin much healthier. Here are things you can do for having health and glowing skin.

Gentle to Your Skin

Being too harsh to your skin in order to erase dead cell skin, dust and oil is not a good way to have good skin. Try to be gentle when you do cleansing step on your skincare routine. You have to give more concern when you have sensitive skin. We mean, you have to choose skincare with gentle ingredients.

Always Moisturise Your Skin

We will never tired to tell you to use moisturise everyday. It will much give your skin such a good energy to show its shine. Use moisturizer twice a day to maintain your skin healthy and keep away from dull and early aging.

Do Exfoliation

Never skip exfoliation no matter what your skin type. Exfoliation is such an important thing in your beginning journey of having healthy skin. Why? Firstly, exfoliation will erase dead cell skin, make up that can not be cleande by cleanser; which causes dull skin. Secondly, exfoliation will help your skincare to go deep to your skin, which mean your skin will work effectively if your skin is clear, no dust, no dead skin.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the best way to avoid the sun exposure. Too much getting sun exposure will damage your skin structure and skin’s protein production. Use sunscreen especially when your activity is always outdoor. However, it is much better if you also use sunscreen eventhough you are at home.


Do This Skincare Routine for Dull Skin

Basicly, dull skin is related to dry skin. For that reason, if you want to manage your skin from dull skin, you can choose best skincare routine for dry skin.

  • First Cleansing : micellar water to erase make up & dust
  • Cleanser : Facial wash, cleanser
  • Exfoliating toner
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Sheet Mask
  • Sunscreens

Micellar Water


Exfoliating Toner

  •  Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner
  • cosrx AHA 7% Whitehead Power Liquid 
  • SKINTIFIC 5% Aha Bha Pha Exfoliating Toner 
  • Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner 
  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant


  • Hada Labo HA Supreme Vita Brightening Concentrate Booster Serum
  • The Originote Bright B3 Serum
  • SKINTIFIC 10% Niacinamide Brightening Serum 
  • Ruruberry 10% Niacinamide + Zinc 
  • Jumiso All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum 
  • Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 
  • Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop 
  • The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA 

Recommendation : Moisturizer for Dull Skin in Malaysia

  • Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion
  • SKINTIFIC 5X Ceramide Skin Barrier Repair Moisturize Gel 
  •  SKINTIFIC MSH Niacinamide Brightening Moisture Gel
  • Cosmoderm Niacinamide Salicylic Acid Balancing Gel-Cream Moisturiser 
  • Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream
  • Dr.Douxi Anti Aging Miracle Moisturizer Face Cream 
  • LAIKOU Milk Brightening Moisturizer Face Cream 
  • Hada Labo Premium Whitening Water Cream
  • NIHON Brightening Face Creme (
  • Cosmoderm Glow-C Brightening Moisture Solution
  • YOU The Dazzling Series Glow Up Protection Day Cream
  • AHA BHA VITAMIN C Daily Cream 
  • Himalaya Cream 
  • Sendayu Tinggi Brightening Series Anti Aging Moisturiser
  • GOOD VIRTUES CO Brightening Day Cream SPF30 
  • LAIKOU FENYI Japan Cherry Blossom Cream 
  • Joypretty Vitamin C Whitening Face Cream
  • Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Brightening Comfort Night Cream


  • La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF50+ Non-Perfumed Sunscreen – Best dermatologist recommended, overall sunscreen for dry and sensitive skin
  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50 PA++++ – Best affordable, water-based, drugstore sunscreen for dry skin
  • CeraVe Hydrating Mineral Sheer Tint Sunscreen SPF30 – Best tinted sunscreen for dry skin
  • Innisfree Intensive Triple Care Sunscreen – Best Korean sunscreen for dry skin with SPF 50
  • EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum – Best non-comedogenic sunscreen for dry skin – great for teenagers
  • COSRX Aloe Sun Cream – Best soothing, hybrid sunscreen for dry skin
  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen – Best chemical sunscreen with no white cast
  • Clinique Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 – Best broad-spectrum, physical sunscreen with SPF 30 productnation

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